Saturday, January 15, 2011


I converted these from Lux skinny jeans into shorts a while ago, see them worn here. They are not hemmed, so you can adjust the length by folding as you please.
€14 + shipping

These are the same deal except they're Kate Moss for Topshop and size 28, really cute tiny embroidered hearts on the pocket and swallows on the back. The folded hem is longer on these than on the green ones.
€14 + shipping

These were my favourite things in the world for a few years. They're Lux and I always, always wore them baggy down on my hipbones, but now they're just too big. The size is listed as 7, but I don't know what that means. I'd say they'd fit anywhere from 29-32 (I think). They're a little worn but generally in good condition and very comfy!
€12 + shipping

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1. I only accept Paypal at the moment, and I will accept the first email request I receive - don't make a payment until I invoice you.
2. email me with the item you would like, your shipping address and your Paypal email.
3. Shipping
- Ireland €5, UK €7.5, EU €7.5 - €10 depending, US €10-14 depending
- I will ship anywhere! Just let me know where you are and we will work it out